And so for this particular thing, I think it’s always easier for us to simply say, we respond instantly. There’s this idea of two, two, two, which means that for each polarizing narrative, we respond with two modalities, like a short video and a picture or a press release or whatever meme hashtag doesn’t matter within 2 hours, and each payload is less than 200 characters. And so the idea is that within the same news cycle, when we detect something that is barely out of control, within the same new cycle, we do our I would say clarification. And it still counts as prebunking because for most of the people, they receive the clarification before they receive this polarizing account. If it’s done in the same new cycle, if it’s done in the next new cycle, then maybe it’s 50 50, but if it’s one day later, then it’s too late. I think it’s important that we have a lot of ready to go memes and pictures and things like that. If you go to my flickr, you can see my staff having me take pictures of all the trending memes, like me doing this or whatever, right? Everything, right.

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