So when a new situation arise, they can just slap on some clarifications and memes and so on, and then instantly make something very funny to the general public. And so I think this kind of rapid response, we see it as just like cybersecurity, like time is of essence. You share your threat indicators, you have defense and depth, you have your antivirus booster shots ready every quarter or so. All in all, I think people come to expect that the government is going to do this kind of thing. And when things are really spiraling, then I go out with the AMA, ask me anything, a live stream or things like that. And so people know that if they attack me on Twitter or on threads, they tag at digital minister. I would just use my phone and record a short sound snippet that is somewhat funny so that that can go viral as a real time clarification. So there’s a lot of work that’s done here. But the prebunking gives this non adversarial sentiment so that people from all three different parties can still share and partake, this means, I’ll call it a viral inoculation, a viral vaccine.

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