Indeed, that’s a great question. So prebunking is not about, again, it’s not about anticipatory debunking, particular operations. It is about the overarching narratives and letting people know that there’s going to be manipulations using those narratives coming, but there’s no telling which particular form or which social issue it’s going to do. So, of course, we’re not going to be perfect, but it’s a pretty good bet that PRC later this year will still continue to say that democracy only leads to chaos and China models better or whatever. I mean, that particular part is very predictable. But if there are particular issues that are outside of the pre bunking, we usually see it as our domestic differences amplified by GME operators. That is, if for these, they don’t come up with these things themselves. It’s not an information manipulation in the traditional sense. It’s mostly about paying the actors in the two most polarized edges a lot of money, and really hands off, not really telling them what to say, but just amplify disproportionately the most polarized voice in any particular issue, which is usually domestic. And only when both sides are polarized do they take hold and have a polarizing spiral that stretches to pull the society apart.

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