And it’s very popular with not just open source contributors like Vitalik Buterin, who have contributed for eight years on a small project called Ethereum, but also his fellow Ethereum hackers, many of them from Argentina and so on, who don’t normally have the credentials required for Gokart application. So I think the combination of a very friendly dual citizenship as really a award to your contribution to Internet commerce and also a very flexible salary in the national institutions. I’m also the chair of the National Institution of Cybersecurity. And in the NICs, we track the cybersecurity, the researcher, the engineer pay in Taiwan, telecom, and I think healthcare, the highly regulated sectors and banks. So when their salary goes up, so do our salary. We track it on a year by year basis. So people only have to take a, say, 10% cut in their salary to join NICE and enjoy much better working hours and benefits and work life balance. We have many people joining for one year, for two years, and going back to their original startup or whatever, and then introducing even more people as fellows to our national institute. So it used to be a challenge.

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