Okay, great question. So you’re all invited as gold card holders. So we have this quite innovative program, the gold card, which was very popular during the pandemic. A lot of my friends in Silicon Valley, whether they work in startup or science or research, they prove that they’re expert in that area. And then we give three years of residency, universal healthcare, for you and your family, open work permit, tax incentives, you name it. And then after you renew once your fifth year, you can also naturalize without giving up your passport. So dual citizenship. And so I think this is, there are people who like that. And so after Moda formed, we look at all the science minister, the culture minister, and thought, are there particular people that were not serving yet with the Gold card program? And we found, oh, it’s actually open source developers, because many of them don’t have the kind of full time job salaries or credentials. I mean high school dropout, right, the educational credentials to prove that you’re a top PhD, top 500 schools, shall we say, if you can prove with a distributed ledger or with GitHub or with Wikipedia, really, anyway, that you’ve been working to improve the Internet commerce for eight years or more, you’re also eligible as a gold card holder.

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