With that we can do what Tim Berners-Lee calls “Five-Star Data”. When you mouse over any word in the definition it would pop out using link data format whatever they could find in the same dictionary or in the wiki dictionary or in the open dictionary, anything that is linked to this word. People started sharing those words on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and on social media. Now when people start writing something like this it is open data workshop. This is a word yet not found in the dictionary, we see a segmentation that shows the definition of “open” and “data” and “workshop”. Then we generate an open graph image that is a beautiful calligraphy of whatever word the person wrote. This solves a very important problem of Internet social media campaigners because it is very difficult to find a photo that fits your message that is also free of copyright. People usually spent an half an hour looking at the proper image because without an image it doesn’t get the same kind of shares in virality. Now people just type whatever they want and use that as a kind of banner for their message to improve virality. You would think caligraphic is not good enough for your message you can switch to any of those open fonts.

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