This is how we get 7 million visits per month. This is not about people who want to look up a definition in the dictionary these are people who want to use it for creating banners, for protests and for campaigning and things like that. They want to share the message in a very clear way that kind of hacks the Facebook ranking system. A good thing about this is when they click into the definition they can share it again and again on social media. Now with 7 million visits per month we can now call people to action because even though our conversion rate is 0.1% that is still a lot of people. So whenever we put a call to action on the top right corner of the Moe-Dictionary thousands of people come. For example (showing to a slide) this is a aborigine … that was done in the 60s and all we have is this low quality scan. So again we do the same thing as with the campaign finance records. We split things into rows and ask people to type whatever they see. They don’t have to know french or amis they only have to type in Latin characters even if they don’t know the language. Then we finished a thick dictionary very quickly in 53 hours. Then we turned it into an additional dictionary for the aborigine people.

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