Most of the fact checking ecosystem here in Taiwan is powered by the antivirus ecosystem. So TrendMicro, Gogolook and so on. They take the Cofacts database to participate in the governance, but it’s still comprehensive packages that protects against unsolicited calls and messages. Like there’s an app called message Checker that just look at all the pop up notifications on your phone. So it doesn’t matter which application you use, right? It’s all part of the protection and so on. And these things are better done in the private sector compared to the public sector, of course, because otherwise it’s worth having your phone. So for these very privacy oriented issues already, our private sectors are trusted partners, and they are, in a sense, taking over with some public oversight. And with time, I think more and more, as long as the social sector feels that they can exercise the same sort of control and auditing to the private sector, we’re seeing more and more of this role shifting into the private sector.

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