That’s a three hour seminar. I think most of my work can be done with private sector taking care of the infrastructure. If NCU, their governance structure is democratic, that is to say, if they’re subject to the same oversight and accountability. And there’s some people trying that, right? The idea of data coalitions, the ideas of for purpose with profit companies and so on. Because I was, before this job, the minister in charge of social entrepreneurship. So there are some co op like entities that are striving for this kind of democratic governance. But we have to admit that the democratic governance technology itself is a very emerging field of technology. The technology to listen carefully and respond carefully to millions of people simultaneously is research at this point. So once that becomes development instead of just research in the lab, and we’re investing heavily on that, then I would say that most of the infrastructure function that we have now can be safely put into these people. First, private public partnerships. We’ve already seen this in the fact checking ecosystem.

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