And so the ideas of participation, progress and safety were usually what three ministers or two ministers fight. But in our case, it’s all in my head. So anything we do is to increase the overlap between participation, progress and safety. The inbox chase only becomes a problem if you adopt solutions that creates problems on the other two sides of the triangle. If all the solutions are designed with increasing overlap, then it actually goes into the self affirming mode after time. So that, for example, how we use digital signature to counter fraud advertisements will also become a powerful counter FIMI tool, so you can rather design safety with participation into progress. So by keeping this triangle in mind all the time and also designing moda with no KPI on scoring points in any of those three points, but rather design architecture and how quickly we can design overlooking solutions, like having agility as the main KPI. It then frees my mind to think about more useful solutions and so that I can sleep 8 hours every day, which is really the only way to think creatively at the next day.

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