They also don’t want whatever project they work for four years to be canceled just because a new party comes to power. They also want to co create with oppositions instead of just getting blamed for things they do wrong. With radical transparency, the opposition can be turned into co creators because they also have all the data there, right? So it’s their job also to produce new suggestions. And so, long story short, I think we need to find in any society, it could be, I don’t know, public radio, it could be National Institute of Standardization, like NIST, it could be public library, it could be teachers union. I really don’t know about the US. But the main idea is that you start with those small mixes and start doing very practical things that let people feel that the bandwidth of democracy is increasing, meaning that there is more bitrate, not just five bits when you vote on a referendum, or three bits when you vote on a presidential ticket, or really just one bit, but anyway, but rather a high number of bits when you can do participatory budgeting, when you can do presidential hackathon when you can do alignment assemblies to Q and A together and so on.

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