Yeah, I think the strategy that we adopt in the g0v (gov-zero) community way before I joined the government is consciously aligned with nexus in a society that are seen as critically neutral. And so the g0v hackathon were always held in a national academy, the so called academia Sinfca, and the national academy, because it only reports to the president and not to the ministers of education of science or digital. It’s widely seen as beyond party politics. And so in the national academy, we hold those hackathons. And so the politicians across all the different political persuasions are free to attend without seen as selling ou t or being compromised or things like that. And we also work with social media institutions that are with purpose or for purpose rather than for profits. The earliest gov zero hackathons were closely with PTT, which is local Reddit like that, has no advertiser or shareholders. It’s a pet project by national Taiwan university students, open source for six years now. And so by consciously only aligning to these institutions, we won support from career public service. And those bureaucrats are actually the key to the bureau way of doing things because they also want radical transparency.

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