And so we very quickly said that we’re going to require digital signatures to all the investment related advertisements on YouTube, on Facebook and online and so on. And we’re quite fortunate because we have a comprehensive, free of charge, PKI public key infrastructure that’s already rolled out, not just in Plastic card, but also as a form of an app so that I do my document signing everything in a zero trust, passwordless manner. So because the infrastructure is here, all it takes is for this emerging threat to come and for us to say, now it’s time to require digital signatures for investment scans and so on. And our legislature has been quite like all parties, and all three parties are very willing to pass amendments like that. So for each vulnerability identified by us, they would pass one law amendment specifically for that harm. Like if an investment scam, generative AI posted on Facebook, we scan it, we report to Facebook, it doesn’t take it down. Somebody gets scammed, there’s no fine. But if somebody gets scammed for $1 million, Facebook is now liable for that $1 million. So by reinternalizing the negative externalities, investment scams, non consensual intimate images on defaking election candidates leading up the election and so on, we make sure that the big platforms are not seen as we’re top down censoring them, but rather responding in real time to such harms.

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