Right. Well, I mean, every day is a big pain for us. There are millions of cyberattack attempts literally every day, and they evolve very quickly as soon as they find something that doesn’t work. Like beetles used to work in 2022, it doesn’t work now because we have quite advanced, resilient CDN or even ipfs networks, and then they shift to something else and something else. So, two answers to that question. One is that in non femi spike times, most of the defensive technologies we do, we do it under the branding of counter fraud. and counter fraud, I mean, just recently, right, we’ve seen many voice clones, and now there’s video clones already. So people would get video calls from people they trust and asking them to invest in a new stock or things like that, because the Taiwan stock Exchange is doing really good. So there’s this new breed of famous celebrities just start video calling people, which is one of the most detrimental to the society uses of generative AI.

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