But if we just keep on prebunking so that people can feel that, oh, there’s a rumor on TikTok that the counting stations were rigged or whatever. Then in that particular counting station, you can always count on the YouTubers belonging to three different major parties to have the records of the actual counting, which is always paper only. So if I have one advice, just to use paper only ballot and then use the advanced high definition broadcasting technology just to live stream the counting from the three different parties, so as to say using emerging technologies only defensively and not offensively, because if it’s done inoffensively, it’s always brutal and oversight becomes polarizing. Whereas if it’s defense, like, if people just focus on producing masks, there’s no offensive use of masks. The same for pre bunking and for live streaming and radical transparency for accounting issues. So the end result is that, as I mentioned, William Lai did beat the polls, but the two other opposition parties also feel that they have won somewhat. And the viral video that was on TikTok a couple of days after the election about the miscounting and so on just died down.

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