And especially during the pandemic, we used a lot of those prebunking things, like, we knew that there’s going to be a vaccine manipulation approaching, but somewhat fortunately, well, not really fortunate. Taiwan received the vaccines later than most other countries. So it gave us about two months to prepare for the pre-bunking. And so we prepared quite a few scoreboards showing people’s preferences. Like the younger people, some of them prefer AstraZeneca, but the older people, they prefer Moderna or BNT or later on, Taiwan has it’s own one called medigen. And so using this scoreboard, which is transparent odata and nationwide pre registration platform, we turned this vax/anti-vax struggle into a my vaccine better than your vaccine struggle. So I got like four different brands of vaccines just to make a point. Yeah, the result is that we don’t have an anti-vax conspiracy faction in our politics. And like, everybody got vaccinated. And so time and time again, we saw that if the government plays the role of a debunker, then it would alienate more and more people.

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