Yeah our administration for digital industries, the administrator, the director general 呂正華 used to be the head of the Industrial Development Bureau so he is very well versed and well connected in the manufacturing businesses. So while I’m not directly connected to the manufacturing industries, I can ask the ADI, the administration for some recommendations after this meeting. Okay, and then, to your first question. Yeah I’m the last generation that remembers the martial law because it was lifted around 1987 when I was six years old. I was old enough to remember the martial law but people younger than me don’t remember the martial law anymore. I agree with your main point. During the martial law, there is a strong sense that everything is a struggle. You need to struggle to get freedom of association, freedom of press, freedom of voting and things like that. On the other hand, though, because our democratization was not violent, it is gradual. So there was a ten years or so in which the martial law is lifted, 87, but there’s not yet a direct presidential election which is 96. So within that decade, it’s also the IBM PC, personal computer, everything also appear in that decade.

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