The faster one can channel the outrage, the easier it will be to communicate or to convey the necessary technological or scientific details because if people feel there is a strong injustice that is being suffered by somebody they know or they can identify with or they share experience with, they can put in a lot of cognitive resources into understanding the details just like any train accident or any earthquake or tsunami or whatever. People get into this mood. They want to try to understand everything because they naturally want to do everything it takes to prevent something like that from happening again. So, I am not saying that major disasters are the only way to move democracy forward, but smaller injustices and smaller outrages, when channeled into petitions and Presidential Hackathon topics. The Presidential Hackathon winners are often the direct result of the Kaohsiung gas explosion or a crashing helicopter from a remote island to medical treatment or things like that because people put in a lot of their energy trying to prevent something like that from happening again.

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