If you limit their expression of their ideas to just like three bits every four years, which is called voting, then of course they will fossilize into the most conservative of their thinking. I am not saying that conserving culture or conserving nature is bad. It is actually pretty good, but as you said, it is about entertaining new possibilities. In my opinion, that is most easily realized if you give them more bits into participation. Participatory budget is a great way for the young people to think of great ideas and the elderly decide how to allocate resources to make it happen. As I understand, the regional revitalization plan also couples nomadic innovators with the local resourceful community organizers who are much more senior – maybe two generations senior – compared to those young innovators and so on. So, I think the 17-year-olds and the 70-year-olds are actually natural allies in thinking about long-termism.

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