And so, the very next day, we started doing pre-ordering so that people can pre-order medical mask rations, and get it picked up, for example, at nearby convenience stores the next week, 24 hours a day. That solved a lot of queuing problems and we also adjusted the distributing mechanism, thanks to the suggestion from the ministry and community. And so, MP Kao Hung-an just posted on social media, saying, “Yesterday’s interpolation becomes tomorrow’s co-creation.” I think that’s a really good cross-partisan way of working on the same evidence to improve service reliability and scalability. Of course, the four major convenience store chains all have a lot of new business to do. I think all of them reported record growth during the mask rationing because people would just keep coming back every week or every other week to pick up some medical masks and also buy some coffee or things like that. And so, the private sector helped to scale out the initially just 6000 or so pharmacy stores to more than 20,000 mask purchase points, including convenience stores and pharmacies.

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