Now, some members of the parliament, they themselves are data analysts. For example, MP Kao Hung-an of the Taiwan People’s Party, before joining the parliament, she was the VP of Data Analytics of Ed Fox-Cong Group. So she knows something about data. And so, after looking at the OpenStreetMap analysis, she did an interpolation to Minister Chen Shih-Chung in the parliament and said, according to this analysis, even though it looks fair—on average each point in Taiwan has roughly the same amount of pharmacies nearby—but if you take into account public transportation time, then chances are, in the more rural areas, by the time they get to the pharmacy, the pharmacy would have already been closed. So it’s actually not a good equity-based distribution. Minister Chen Shih-chung simply said, “Well, legislator, teach us.” And that’s a beautiful response because it’s based on the same evidence that’s updating real time so people could actually implement a more constructive distribution mechanism, simply by suggesting it through MP Kao Hung-an to the minister.

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