And they also take a proactive role, for example during COVID. The PO of Ministry of Health and Welfare, who lives with this very cute dog a Shiba Inu, actually walks back to their place, which is quite close to the ministry building, after each 2 PM Center for Epidemic Command Center press conference and takes new photos of the dog and translate the new epidemiological ideas. For example, physical distancing into a very cute meme pictures. Like when we’re indoors we’re supposed to keep three Shibu Inus away from one another or wear a mask. If we are outdoors, keep cute two Shiba Inus away or wear a mask. And it’s illustrated literally with a scale of cute dogs and also taking a cute picture of the same cute dog, putting their food to their mouth and saying, “Wear a mask,” but why don’t you put a mask on? The mask protects yourself from your own unwashed hand. Again, this is an epidemiological, very sound point, but if it’s the minister or it’s me saying this, people may remember it, but it would not go viral, meaning that people would not share it voluntarily. But because it’s done by a very cute dog, people understand immediately and will actually share it across all different age groups.

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