But Airbnb figured it out very quickly. They knew that we were going to use Wikipedia data to show the timeline. They then went and edited Wikipedia or people who had sympathy for them. I don’t have any proof if it was an Airbnb employee. When we started the pol.is again with this idea they sent an email to all Taiwan members saying please show your support for Airbnb on this rulemaking platform. Of all the people who have used Airbnb before in Taiwan there are three groups: One group said it has to satisfy some laws still, one group said the landlord must have duties, and one group said at least the quality has to be guaranteed, if it’s just your home then it has to be said so, if it’s actually a legal hotel chain or one person has 30 different homes and each of them has the same photo then it has to be outlawed and Airbnb must answer to this. People also said: “You know this is the internet, the government should stay out of it.” That is the minority actually.

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