But the problem with taxi drivers or other drivers is that they don’t really have one minute to look through the slides and make informed decisions or whatever. They were driving or making a business out of driving. So we have two lower the participation threshold. It was one minute but it has to be five seconds or less because otherwise we don’t engage these people. We even had a way of saying it. It must be engaging within a red light of time. So of course we don’t actually encourage people to vote while driving. So when they engage in the vTaiwan process we encourage them to park first. But in any case we want to engage a very different kind people, their passengers, the drivers that own the car that only have the mobile phone. We needed professional mediators and we needed to organize with the association of all the taxi drivers that they send the drivers a sms to go onto the vTaiwan website at the same hour. The same with the Uber drivers and all the other stakeholders they had to all get the same URL on the same hour of the day. The message says: Whatever you say here will become the agenda after a month from now on for all the stakeholders to talk about.

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