On the design of the system, it was very important to overcome the three walls of the e-participation by first requiring the Ministry of Economy in this case to create a slide that is viewable within five minutes and we asked amateur people to try and read it and whether they could actually understand the issue at hand. For every specific jargon like “What is a closely held cooperation with a start-up” we provided a definition that was 140 or less characters long like Twitter and then just like in then Moe-Dictionary when you hover over that word you see a definition of the word. This is very important because most of the online-debate was about fighting for the definition of words. When we do a lexicon this way: ”A start-up means different things to different people but for the matter of this law it means this … Please talk in these terms.” This eliminates 80% of trolls (a deliberately offensive or provocative online post) for some reason.

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