The way we do work group meetings is again like we did in the Sunflower Movement. We separate the discussion points into the objective of the facts, the feelings of the facts, then the ideas (based on the Art of Focused Conversation by Brian Stansfield). We used a font that has six different bold levels to show the level of consensus of our discussion. With just one glance you can see what the consensus was about. Of the working group members maybe 10 people could participate here, we would take turns speaking for maybe 20 minutes about one section of the law and then we switch to the hackpad to the e-participation because not everybody lives in Taiwan or could travel to Taipei. So whatever they typed then becomes read aloud like an agenda for another 20 minutes. So the idea is that it’s like telepresence. You’re guaranteed to get a sufficient amount of time whether you are in the same place or whether your are on the Internet. Again everything that everybody says was captured with this my-society tool called “Say-it”. You can link any specific utterance to the statements in the bill.

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