After people calmed down and there was no violence anymore we started to deliberate, to actually talk about the cross strait administration. The rallying cry was that if the legislators deliberate in this building we will demonstrate for them how to deliberate this kind of thing. How did we do this? We first wrote a program. This is a g0v project which has been going on for eight months and was just completed on the occupy day. Basically what it does is when you enter your company’s number or the kind of work that you do it shows with a pop-up with beautiful comics how exactly your company is going to be impacted once we sign this trade agreement - whether the Chinese people can come here, whether their investors can come here, for how long, it is like a three panel comics that everybody can understand in 10 seconds - just the part that relates to them. Because of that we also cross reference the information because we want people to fact-check us. The cross-links to our company registration categories, to the WTO categories, to the World Bank categories and then to the Chinese categories. So it is a lot of work but it is presented in a very friendly way.

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