If you upload your photo and add your name it will print you a badge that says you are a reporter. This is useful because just a couple years ago there was a separate Supreme Court ruling that says the reporter is generally protected under the freedom of speech and then we had a QR code that links the badge to a ruling that says any ordinary people as long as they are covering something that is of interest to the general public must enjoy the same rights and permissions as any media institution. This is a very important Supreme Court ruling for us. Because of this we have hundreds of people just printing this and sticking it to the back of their IPad and becoming a civic journalist. The police couldn’t do anything about it. If they asked or they wanted to stop such people they would just tell the police to scan the QR code and read the Supreme Court ruling. That’s how we got a lot of in the field cameras and how after that date there were no injuries or nobody missing. It became completely non-violent.

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