So if we made facts spread cheaper than rumors nobody will listen to the rumors. The way we did this is by introducing very low latency real-time broadcasting equipments and take a projector (beamer) like the one I am using now and project everything on the two walls of the Parliament. Everything that is happening in the parlament was being broadcasted in real time with just 20 ms delay to the two streets. People don’t usually listen to the audio. So we had asked stenographers, people who type whatever they hear, to cover what was said in the occupied area. The live feed of everything that was said was displayed. People could see very easily what is actually going on and people who listened to the broadcast could then correlate this and fact check with our stenographer so that they don’t miss anything. And if they miss anything they could just type it on the hackpad. This is an idea that we call the transparent war. Eventually the occupied area also had two projectors projecting the two streets. I was as if the wars were not there as if the police are not there. The three occupied sites become a single occupy site.

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