Now we ran into the same thing any occupy runs into namely there are a lot of people who spread rumors from people who were already there. Some of them were homeless people, some of them were not exactly homeless people but mobsters and people like that. All Occupy people ran into people like these. The way we fixed this was that when there were rumors spread for example that inside the occupied area they were being attacked by the police. This rumor was designed to get the people on the outside. Or another rumor: They were counter surrounding the police to attack the police and escalate the conflict. Then one of the student leaders had to come out and shout that were not actually being attacked. That doesn’t scale. What we did: I brought 300 meters of Ethernet-line for the CPR experts deploying on the team to make all the three occupy areas a intranet. So this is a very high-tech way of solving a very old problem of spreading rumors. Rumors spread because they were cheaper to spread than facts.

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