So 葉平 had a vision and then we had a collaborative tool which is like goodledoc which we call hackpad. So he wrote everything that needs to happen and then went to sleep. We then had our 100 people hackathon. People joined and crowdsourced and downloaded everything. Then I created a spread-sheet to list all the pictures so people could fill in their unicode. It brought down Google’s spreadsheet. It will become a pattern that whenever g0v mobilizes somebody, some project on a new platform, that platform will go down. So we are the scalability testers of new services. We had to create our own spreadsheet which is called Ethercalc 2 to complete this work. Within 24 hours everything is downloaded and made into an open API cross-linked to browser extensions, mobile web, everything. It’s like rough consensus. People just have a general direction and then share whatever they have.

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