When g0v came about, 葉平 said: “Okay, if the 30 people are doing it together then it is called civil disobedience.” It’s not called copyright violation and then it became kind of a legitimizing movement. Then we called people to download the dictionary which is very old. Since 1945 it has been maintained and is of very high quality. If you want to learn about classical Chinese which is like Latin then this is the to-go-to dictionary. Because its website was built in 1996 and hasn’t been updated for 20 years, it reflects a lot the early web. For example you cannot bookmark the URL because then the idea of bookmarking wasn’t invented yet. For example it used a very old legacy encoding. It is like ISO AA59 with which a lot of Unicode characters just cannot be displayed, so they use pictures. That means copy and paste is not possible. Also it hasn’t been designed for the mobile web because then there was no mobile web. If you view the source especially with IE5 or with Netscape 4.7+ (the plus is meaningless because Netscape didn’t continue after 4.7). So it is a very old website that hasn’t been kept up with times. Also it locks you out after 30 minutes of disuse and something would pop out that says: “You are going to be redirected to the home page”. It is true for all the Ministry application dictionaries ever since. But the catch is that there is no login button. So you can’t login but it logs you out after an half hour. It’s ridiculous.

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