The technical term for the kind of consensus we want to reach is called rough consensus. Rough consensus meaning nobody is 100 percent happy, but people can build empathy for each other so that even though I may sacrifice a little bit, I understand that it’s better overall.

This rough consensus, of course, is never 100 percent. We never reach 100 percent. The most we did is 95% or 96%. The designer told us explicitly, "We are keeping the minority groups on the screen, so that if you have one group with tens of thousands of people and another with just five, it would still get represented as a circle and with a number five in it. It won’t get dwarfed and disappear into one pixel. It’s part of this design."

Yes, it’s very important that everybody understands the minority positions. It’s very important that the sheer numbers shouldn’t really affect anything. The way we calculate super-majority, when there are two groups, is all of the major group and half of the minor group.

So in a six-four split, the statement has to convince 80 percent of people. In an eight-two split, it has to convince 90 percent of people. Always more than half of the minority must also agree. This also makes it much harder for people to just ignore the minorities.

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