While we did provide public WiFi to the occupiers, that was very late in the process. That was the last three days of the occupy. Most of the time, we had a very high-speed intranet, but not such a high-speed uplink as I explained.

Which means that Loomio is only useful within the ICT team itself, instead of for the general public with sometimes running -- most of the time failing -- 3G connection. Loomio in its polling mode or decision-making mode is really to solve mundane everyday issues of the ICT team.

For example, how to tell people who print a badge of g0v and say that they’re engineers, but they’re actually not? It’s just they could walk the faster lane of neutral zone. That is to say the lawyers, doctors, engineers who protect the rights of people whichever camp they are in versus few engineers who volunteers to work.

They enable us to do away with those very bad ideas like asking for a national ID or something, and do something that prove that really works like asking, "What’s 2 to the power of 16?" That worked.

We used Loomio also for record-keeping of the deliberation, which is different. All the transcribed speech were kept on Hackpad. Hackpad, when everybody is editing, is great for troll management. A year after the fact, of course, it may get trolled and then nobody really goes back and check.

So we want somewhere static that we can keep the records of all those deliberations, which is why we used Loomio. It’s mostly outside of the Internet just as a record-keeping device during the occupy.

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