my hobby is troll hugging. Summarizing my work in the Perl community by handing out "commit bits", community rights. They complain, they get a commit bit - invited to contribute. There is computational propaganda and there are trolls - other counter movements going on. Net Neutrality - we provide equal live streaming etc to everyone, especially interlocutors. We are like the medical team, neutral, shouldn’t be attacked. We had Loomio and Discourse - people who want attention add exclamation points. We respond to the three words that make some sense but only those three, and always constructively. It’s only by offering authentic, constructive feedback do they get response. They see that works and go towards it (or find somewhere else). It’s not time-consuming because the things you want to defend, instead take a deep breath and calm down. Tie those experiences to pleasure instead of anger. The ego structures gets large enough that there’s enough space to contain those personal attacks and form a reasonable response. Then others see that behavior and model it as well, reforming themselves.

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