Yes. I think so using kind of a taxonomy by our good friends at DemNext, the before, the during, the after are equally important. And we have improved over the past decade on all the three parts. The before part, which is helped by… There’s a slide that talks about the SMS, the trusted SMS number, right? The 111. This is a new invention this year that lets us send out random SMS messages to random people and to hundred thousand at this time. And it went to 170,000 numbers successfully. And so, when people are filling the survey attached in the SMS, first they know it comes from the government. They can trust it and also we have a much wider sampling than traditional like rolling wave or things like that. So, when we say it’s stratified random sampling, we really mean that it’s rigorous, if not more rigorous than a poll basically. The most rigorous of polls. So, this is the before part.

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