Okay thank you. So you will provide a response to these three points in written form. Okay. Understand that. Thank you. And now let’s circle back to Meta. On q1 and q2. We talked a little bit about how those deceptive contents who are persistently posted maybe detected in the previous round of discussion that same pointing about point two, and in fact, the AIEC also has its own capabilities in actively scanning for such deceptive content. For example, trying to defame or cheap fake celebrities and so on and so forth. I understand that Meta has a library that enables this kind of transparency, what kinds of advertisements and so on are synthesized or can be tempted to whether they’re synthesized. Are there plans to apply the ideas that you Max just mentioned, which is the provenance signatures, watermarks and so on, more generally, to the advertisement space for the advertiser related pictures and things like that.

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