So, when you see our official publication, when we mention web3, we always lowercase web3. So, web3 as an adjective, not as a noun. Because as a noun, it is subject to the hyper speculation, hype cycle as everything else is. You can capitalize not just one word, but two, like de-fy, right? De-ci, or whatever. But if you use it in a thoroughly lowercase way as a single word, it is just a short form for decentralization, which is very long, difficult to type. So, whenever I type decentralization, and I have to think whether to use British or American spelling, but no, I can shorten it to just web3, just four letters, like ‘i18n’, very easy to type. But I use that to strictly only mean decentralization or decentralized. So, when I say web3 infrastructure, I mean decentralized infrastructure and so on.

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