Yeah, so our hashtag, official hashtag for our ministry is hashtag free the future. And so, yes, I think it’s always a tempting vice, really, to design anything perfect. I see myself as just a good enough ancestor, someone good enough to open up possibilities. So the next generation, who are going to be much more smart than I am, is going to design the responses they have to whatever situation they have. So I always make sure that’s the same overlap between participation, progress, and safety. It is to let the idea of widening the narrow corridor, so to speak. So every step we do, as long as it widen the corridor a little bit, pushing up the Pareto front, then it’s going to be good enough for the future generations, which is why we’ve resisted quite vehemently, really, against any top down, lockdown, takedown, shutdown solution to this information that tempted pretty much all the nearby jurisdictions. And I’m not talking about PRC. I’m talking about Singapore and everywhere else. And so I think it is not an accident that you see Taiwan at the top of the democracy index pretty much everywhere in Asia, according to pretty much every outlet.

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