Yeah, there’s a policy chapter in my new book. But the main idea is don’t see Taiwan as somewhere exceptional, because as I mentioned, back in 2014, the administration was enjoying less than 10% approval rate. Political apathy was at all time high. And as recent as 2008, people dispute about election results for three years. Right? So we’ve been there, but we overcame it not because of some numerical technology, but because of a commitment. Plurality meaning collaborative diversity, seeing diversity as a fuel for co creation. It’s just you know the Pacific tectonic plate and the eurasian one bumping into one another all the time. And the Jade mountain, the highest point in Taiwan, raises seven centimeters every year. We have three or so earthquakes somewhere in Taiwan every day. And so see those earthquakes as invitations for more resilient building code or whatever, and see these as invitations to rise higher citizen in IPM.

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