Thank you, minister. I might just ask a question of my own here and then see if any other my faculty colleagues want to chime in terms, any thoughts, since it’s your time, grateful for how much you’ve covered in just a short amount. I wanted to ask you a question about strategy and leadership. So one of the real challenges, I think, for cybersecurity professionals is just it’s an overwhelming current inbox all the time, and Taiwan is under just constant cyber threat bombardment every day. Yet in this session that we’ve had, you’ve demonstrated that you are still able to carve out time for forward thinking and trying to always monitor the evolving threat landscape. Empowering your team to be flexible and creative and problem solving. Just give us a little bit of sense of how you approach this challenge of both countering what is sort of a daily string of ongoing crises that you’re defending the island against, as well as trying to look beyond the inbox to what’s not just a week or a month out, but some of the trends that you might envision over the next few years.

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