I know. Yeah. We’ve had our own share of peak polarization and populism around 2018, so I totally hear you. And I’ve just co wrote a book on this. It’s at plurality net. We are finalizing the english edition this Sunday, but most of it is online. It’s free of copyright. You can take it and say it’s your work. We won’t do this. This is entirely copyright free. Okay. Anyway, but just to explain the idea of plurality a little bit, the idea of plurality, which goes back to Hannah Arendt, is the idea that any action done by us is done as people, not as individuals. And people have their differences, and those differences cause conflicts which may evolve into polarization. But if we tap into the technology to harness this energy, then we can have this kind of control explosion that continuously have conflicts without exploding the infrastructure, the institutions of the democracy that will make polarization something that you don’t go back to the next conversation. So some limited polarization is useful as long as for each incoming topic, you polarize across the different axis instead of just people, the left eye not seeing the right eye.

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