Great. Yeah, I think I was interviewed by the VOA. So I basically said that you can package the whole VOA into a few hundred gigabytes and then send it as a USB stick or whatever, and then people have this interactive VOA that they can interact with. So I don’t call it the truth. I think it’s just VOA, which is, of course, journalistic, but it represents a certain viewpoint. Let’s just say that. And so, yes, it is possible, and much more possible than previously to circumvent the great firewall with this kind of information packages. We can even imagine that it, with coding capabilities, can also evolve and make better communication tools, not just truth individually, but truth socially within the PRC firewall. But I think the main challenge to the PRC sensors is not to clamp down those things. It is how they can afford to continue the narrative of only autocracies, or really only the autocracy with chinese characteristics can safeguard people’s lives and so on, given the actual performance of their society at this particular point. So I don’t think this particular way of smuggling VOA and so on is going to be the main thing to cause the next white paper a4 revolution or something like that.

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