So that’s the first point. And the second point is none of this require cutting edge hardware. I kill my own email replying models on this MacBook, and it means that just capping GPUs or whatever doesn’t work because for scammers, they have eight advantage in that it doesn’t have to be accurate. For the real time clarifications that we offer, we need to have accuracy of 95 or 96% for it to be useful. But for the scammers, it really doesn’t matter. It just needs to create 4000 seemingly real people. And if some of these doesn’t appear accurate, actually it’s better because it lowers the epistemic expectation of online interaction. And so this pollution to fabricate trust is wide ranging. It is not one operation. It’s that each operation decimates. Just like Freon decimates the ozone. Right. It decimates the epistemic commons. So that’s my second point. So, to counter that, I think we really need to go back to the actor, to the source. All the governmental utility bills, electricity, water, whatever, are sent now from a single number, 111 in our SMS and all the three telecoms to their commercial SMS services have all adopted short codes.

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