Yes. So when we prebunk, we prebunk not specific operations, but rather the underlying narrative. For example, in 2020, the underlying narrative was always that only autocracies can counter the virus, because only lockdowns work and democracy only lead to chaos and so on. Of course, we counter that very effectively in 2021 and some variation of that has always been the case. Coming from PRC. It’s basically saying democracy only leads to chaos. And here is the most recent proof. Right. And so to prebunk that is to involve people in everyday democracy and to see that whatever their involvement was, even just a very small bit, actually had an effect and did not lead to chaos. And so, in election terms, I think the main FIMI that we have received leading up to the election was exactly that. It is to say that accounting was rigged. The election was rigged. The CIA has printed invisible ink, which has always been one of the main Femi things, because people believe in the capacitive CIA. Here, you see? So all these are about the election system. It is not about any particular candidate.

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