Yeah, that’s a great question. So research has shown that the taiwanese people, we have our own ideological differences, ethnic, linguistic, whatever, 20 national languages. So not the lack of diversity or fights between ourselves, but as long as people understand that there’s FIMI going on, that this information manipulation is foreign in nature, it backlash, like, people understand that, oh, this is actually targeting our democratic institutions. It’s not targeting any particular party. It’s not one party versus another party. This is autocracy trying to sabotage democracy. Then when people saw these issues, no matter their party affiliation, the feeling of solidarity, let’s call it that plurality, collaborative diversity, increases in our people. So I think the main thing that we’ve been seeing in US, like the recent TikTok thing in Congress, is that it’s phrasing things in exactly the same way as we do, like in our cybersecurity act and regulations, with this idea of a harmful product, which is defined as any product that is controlled by any entity, that is effectively controlled by a foreign adversary. So indirect control, like through TikTok, Singapore, or whatever, Cayman Islands, and so on.

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