This is a direction I think Anthropic and even Meta is now moving very heavily toward, as you know. So I’m eager to hear what Open Data thinks on this particular direction. And but we’ll continue to run our local alignment assemblies. We run two already and there’s probably three or four coming before end of this year. And it’s all going to be Open Data. So feel free to use it and the process and the toolkits. Anyway, so this is the second thing. And the third thing is about the frontier models, open red teaming, cybersecurity best practices, and whether there’s a credibly neutral entity or a few of those entities. Like NIST or Cybersecurity Institute and so on, we can play a trusted hub like the CVE. Or anything that the frontier models can share the incoming vulnerabilities without compromising trade secrets and confidentiality. This is something I’ve talked at length with the director of NIST and other similar institutes. We all think that even though it requires more expertise than traditional cybersecurity reporting or you know standard setting, it is a worthy investment if we are going to like see a upcoming existential threats six years in the future.

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