So if we can find out a way to use multi-modal models to compress without losing nuance as a unit of a particular assembly, then it can enable very, very interesting queries. For example, you can join a discussion group after the fact with new information and with new queries and interact with the discussion group and still share in that post symbolic intimacy, this contextual understanding, this mutual understanding and so on. And the group dynamic can be captured as well. And that compression all the way to the top will enable decision makers. Basically, it’s like a glorified scenario theater, right? There’s decision theaters that puts people back to, you know, a situation and then react to that situation in a way that is like more immersive rather than analytical. And so I think decision-making with that is a little bit like, you know, getting all the researchers and decision-makers communicators to play the video game on Steam that’s sponsored by the WHO that talks about the pandemic and finding a cure and things like that, except in even higher fidelity and preserving ever more nuance.

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