I mean, with multimodality, that’s really, really good that you have introduced in such a kind of staggered release, making it comfortable with one community and the next community. Multimodality enables post symbolic communication between communities. The idea, very simply put, is that in a democratic conversation, if it’s face-to-face or high bandwidth AR/VR, and you also worked there, there’s a kind of intimate conversations of tacit understanding that is not symbolic at all, right? It cannot be reduced to signs, either hand signs or symbolic signs. And that is actually why deliberation as a form of democracy works much better than representation or voting, is this tacit, intimate understanding between the jury members, the citizen assembly members, and so on. The thing is that that nuance is completely destroyed when you abstract even just one level away, right? It is impossible to not destroy that nuance when you bring the synthesis documents to the next level, like from the township level to the district level, to the city level and to the global level. So as we have seen time and again, even the local wisdom have found a very nuanced solution that requires like 40 different parameters in the latent space, it gets horribly destroyed into just two lines of headline PowerPoint when you go to the city level.

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