On the other hand, if we don’t democratize this kind of sensing through data altruism organizations, you don’t get the unknown unknowns of the dangers. So I mean, this is something that’s knotty to resolve and probably can only be resolved with global coordination. But I think this is fundamentally essential to get a multi-dimensional view on the elephant, so to speak, right? So this is something that we’re pushing. In addition to APEC, I think the Bletchley Park summit, although quite narrowly focused on agentic slash extinction and widespread misuse, like millions of people die, scenarios, we can also have this kind of social harm or chronic harm measurements designed into the conversation. Because, I mean, there’s a argument that says, climate change kills more people than pandemic, than the coronavirus pandemic, but it’s just more chronic, it’s spread over more years. But at the end of the day, it’s more or less like that, so to speak. And so designing for that sort of harm, I believe, is also quite in line with the AGI view, right, of OpenAI.

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